Type Libraries Browsing mode :

The Tree : has three subfolders :

- Favorites : containing your favorite typelibs.

- Registry : automatically filled with registered typelibs.

- Files : The File List contextual menu allows loading of ocx,oca,olb,tlb,dll and exe files as Type Libraries. These files will appear in this Folder.

Scintilla Editor : shows some information..

When an item is double-clicked in the Tree:

- TypeLib : jumps from the Registry to Favorites folder and vice-versa.

-Help : The specified Help File is opened

-Enum : The enum subitems are sent to SciTE.(*)(**)

-Dispinterface, Interface or Module : The subitems are sent to the integrated Scintilla Editor.(**)

-Method or Property: the item is sent to SciTE, and a tooltip is displayed.(*)

- ClsID or Object Name (CoClass subitems) : the text is inserted in SciTE.(*)

(*) SciTE must be running.

(**) The item must have been expanded at least once before.